The Likable Scribe: LIVE! From a blog near you!

Well…  it’s high time I said hello! Welcome to The Likable Scribe blog. You may call me “Likable”, but my friends generally call me “Lyle”. The Likable Scribe was created to provide web content and social media interaction for companies and non-profits. The concept for The Likable Scribe was birthed over a glass of wine with good friends and family during a birthday outing. Even though we were enjoying the atmosphere of the wineries and cideries we visited, the need for quality social media interaction and web content for a friend’s business was a topic of discussion which dominated a majority of the day. The following day, we sat down to have a lengthy discussion about what was needed to help my friend’s business thrive in the competitive world of events services. In the end, it was determined that, while I certainly wasn’t perfect, I could definitely provide the content desired to help her business grow. The Likable Scribe was born.

The Likable Scribe is here to help smaller businesses establish a foothold in the world of blogging and to increase their social media interaction with potential clients. My background includes over 25 years in customer and hospitality services, with a focus in direct customer interaction. I have over 15 years experience in professional and entertainment writing. In addition, I hold an Associates of Arts Degree and an Associates of Science Degree, both from Portland Community College. I am also a Reserve Police Officer for a small municipal agency in Oregon and work full time in the public sector.

While this blog is dedicated to the writing that I do for myself and for things that I enjoy, I hope it will also give potential clients the opportunity to see what I can do to help their business grow. Even though much of the content here is written on the personal level, it is still public to hopefully provide potential clients a better understanding of where my talents lie. Interspersed with my regular writing, you’ll also find links to the professional work that I do for other companies, to hopefully provide a more rounded idea of what I can provide for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to either leave them here or email me directly at: